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Our C.O.R.E. Model

We host a range of multimodal learning programs that appeal to the learner-creative and creative-professional.  The Creatives on Campus community program is our primary vehicle for developing participants up the C.O.R.E. ladder.  Our C.O.R.E. Model highlights four distinct identifiers in the creative lifecycle: creative developers, organizational learning partners, room makers, and everyday emergers. Most participants enter the program as everyday emergers, early-stage explorers of an idea, experience, or learning concept, open to bold, yet humble pursuit.

Creatives on Campus

Piloted in 2017, Creatives on Campus is a multi-tier leading & learning program initially designed as an advocacy initiative for creatives on college campuses. True to the mantra, “wherever you take up space is your campus,” the Creatives on Campus program changed its model in 2019 to more widely serve creative-learning-professionals who prioritize their overall lifestyle through a creative lens.

The Heart of Expression (HeArt-x)

The Heart of Expression is an online artist development platform dedicated to cultivating music artists.  Co-founded by world-class recording artist & visionary, Victory Boyd, alongside her long-time friend & tech-enthusiast, Connie Turkson, the music-education program acknowledges the need for more equitable industry access among emerging artists, who increasingly desire to expand their influence & audience. HeArt-X is a partnering program of The Better Give Back Foundation, Inc.

Saint's Place SNJ

Saint’s Place SNJ: Saint’s Place (Southern NJ) is a premiere retreat space for worshippers & Kingdom-creatives to rest, gather, and create. Since March 2022, The Better Give Back Foundation, Inc. has led in the financial aid & management of Saint’s Place.  Learn more about how the home is bringing financial relief to the family’s owners, as well as the creative community here.

Grand People Do Stuff

Grand People Do Stuff is a weekly initiative serving elderly communities with food preparation and delivery.  This weekly service initiatives dually benefits and highlights culinary entrepreneurs within the Creatives on Campus community.

We Honor Our Own

The We Honor Our Own (W.H.O.O.) initiative enriches families through an annual weekend, known as W.H.O.O. Weekend, one that prioritizes themes of honor & celebration. 

The Body Collective Project

The Body Collective Project is a 12-week exposure & development program for faith-based organizations.  The program provides a range of creative services that support in the overall development, growth, and sustainability of emerging faith-based organizations.  Services include: consulting, graphic design, web development, media & production, and more.

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