Creatives on Campus


Piloted in 2017, Creatives on Campus is a multi-tier leading & learning program initially designed as an advocacy initiative for creatives on college campuses. True to the mantra, “wherever you take up space is your campus,” the Creatives on Campus program changed its model in 2019 to more widely serve creative-learning-professionals who prioritize their overall lifestyle through a creative lens.


Harold Edwards Jr.

Harold Edwards Jr., an inaugural participant of Creatives on Campus, has led on strategic planning initiatives for the Creatives on Campus program (along with other partnering programs of The Better Give Back Foundation, Inc). Sounds in Space, a weekly gathering curated within Harold’s own budding performing arts company (Space for Seekers and Sharers) is a key, highlighted experience of the Creatives on Campus program.

The Creatives on Campus Collegiate Collective

The Creatives on Campus Collegiate Collective is a network of post-secondary learners – ones open to reimagining the future workforce through the intentional pairing of their educational & creative undertakings. In addition to participating in annual programming & experiences, qualifying participants are chosen semi-annually to participate in a paid, twelve-week, hybrid fellowship program.


Shaniyla Johnson

Shaniyla Johnson, a senior at Rutgers University – Camden, first connected with Creatives on Campus in November 2018 at a Philadelphia Jam Session.  Since then, Shaniyla has climbed the C.O.R.E. ladder, contributing as a growing participant of the collegiate collective.  

As the founder of her own community-led organization, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle – Camden, Shaniyla has collaborated on multiple experiences, acting as a bridge to other leading learners & creatives throughout the New Jersey, Philadelphia, and DMV regions.

The Pure in Heart Collective:

The Pure in Heart Collective was born in Fall 2020, upon identifying an opportunity to connect with learner-creatives gifted on the autism spectrum.  An in-person day program was piloted as a part of a semester-long residency awarded in partnership with the IDEA Center for the Arts in Camden, NJ.  The program continues to serve autistic leaders & learners, innovatively advocating for creatives on the spectrum.

Niamoni “Nia” Burrell participated as an inaugural member of The Pure in Heart Collective in October 2020.  She completed the program as a published author of her first book entitled, Dear Me: Poems that Reach for the Hope Within.  


The DMV Worship & Arts Collective:

The DMV Worship & Arts Collective is a bi-weekly gathering of emerging & seasoned worship leaders and musicians.  In addition to gathering, the collective will begin offering free & interim musical services to start-up ministries & faith-based orgs in need.  This initiative is hosted in partnership with the worship team at Love Light City Church, Baltimore MD.


Toirel Sims

Toirel Sims is a first-year Physical Therapy major at Morgan State University.  During the Spring 2022 semester, Toriel found balance in her collegiate journey by cultivating her musical gift as a singer by sharing in this growing collective.  Toriel served each Sunday as a supporting worship artist, leading up to her final week where she featured as the guest worship leader at Love Light City Church, a faith partner & host to this collective.

C.O.C. Initiatives

The core initiatives reflect the recurring activities within the C.O.C. program.

It’s a Different World with Creatives on Campus

More than a podcast, IADW w/ COC serves as a safe space and innovative pathway for building social-emotional learning competencies among emerging learners & creatives. Participants are interviewed and given space to unpack their educational-wellness narrative as learner-creatives & creative-professionals.

Lay Pantry

Lay Pantry is an affordability initiative that acknowledges the essential lifestyle needs of learner-creatives & creative-professionals. The initiative offers eligible participants free and reduced educational & creative supplies, as well as unique apparel items, oftentimes donated by brand leaders in one of the Creatives on Campus collectives. Shop Lay Pantry online and in-person at Saint’s Place SNJ. Shop Lay Pantry only and in-person at Saint’s Place SNJ.

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