The Better GiveBack Foundation, INC.

The Better Give Back Foundation, Inc. was established in 2017 as a New Jersey-based nonprofit organization committed to providing emerging leaders & learners with creative & innovative forms of relief.

Why We Exist

There is an increasing rate in which emerging leaders & learners identify as creatives. While such social identities guide our creative makeup, they are rarely reflected within the fabric of our daily living, leading, and learning experiences. We understand what it’s like to be misrepresented based on creative differences. That’s why The Better Give Back Foundation, Inc. is committed to cultivating creative learners & professionals towards a more diverse, equitable, and innovative future. 

Mission Minded, Vision Focused.

our Mission

The Better Give Back Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to empowering post-secondary learners and their families by providing comprehensive financial, educational, creative, and social support.  We aim to ensure that individuals have access to the resources and opportunities needed to thrive in their academic and personal pursuits.

Mission Minded, Vision Focused.

our vision

 Our vision at The Better GiveBack Foundation, Inc. is to revolutionize the future workforce.  We envision a future where every member of our community has the tools and opportunities to succeed and contribute meaningfully to society.


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